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What Is the Average Penis Size?

meme about internet polls on penis size
Don't believe internet polls!
Many scientific studies have attempted to answer the question that seems to be plaguing men for hundreds of years: What is the average penis size?

The published literature reveals that a big percentage of men is stressed on whether their size is adequate enough to satisfy their sexual partners. So what's the truth?

Let's first start by saying that the truth about the length and thickness of the male organ is greatly overshadowed by the free and widespread availability of Internet pornography, which increases the anxiety of men and their expectations from their masculinity. These dysfunctional expectations are further supported and enhanced from a competitive market that promises bigger penis through the use of special and sometimes bogus devices, pills and other male enhancement products.

Even the knowledge that the angle from which a man sees his penis makes it appear smaller (compared to how it looks a different perspective) does not seem to ease the unfounded belief that he has a small penis, even when it is normal in size. The chart below showcases average sizes (flaccid, stretched and erect) according to the medical literature:

average penis size according to the medical literature
Average Penis Size, according to various sources

On the other side, we have women. According to research, the majority of them are satisfied with the penis of their partner and don't seem to really care about size, as long as it doesn't fall into the micropenis category.

Intrestingly, while women are satisfied, men aren't! For instance, a recent study showed that while 85% of women are satisfied with the size and proportions of their partner, men  are not so sure about themselves. About 45% of them believe they have a small and inadequate penis!

Another study, involving 170 women found that although for some of them penis size may hold some importance, penis size was deemed important only by an small minority of about 1-2 %. Other research findings indicate that while men focus on the length of the penis, women appear to give more importance to the thickness.

But when is a penis considered too small? Researchers that measured the dimensions of 80 penises before and after medicinal induced erection, concluded that only men who have a penis length of less than 4 cm in relaxation and less than 7.5 centimetres in erection should be considered candidates for penis enlargement surgery. The same study found the average penis length to be 8.8 cm when flaccid and 12.9 when erect.

penis mean size meme - average is 5 inches and not 6

A sidenote, the research findings indicate that the size of a loose penis does not determine the size of the organ when erect.

Similar are the findings from another large study involving 1,600 American men, published in January 2014. This study found that the average erect penile length is 14.2 cm and the mean circumference is 12.2 cm.

A previous study in 2001 measuring the size of 3300 young Italians aged 17 to 19 years found the average flaccid penile length to be 9 cm and the average girth 10 cm.

Interesting is a 2007 study on 301 Indians which compared their mean size to those of men in other countries. The average penis length was 8.2 cm at rest and 13.0 centimetres when erect, and the average circumference was 9.1 and 11.2 respectively. The authors concluded that the average penis size of Indians differed significantly from the average penis size found in samples originating in other men.

The scientific journal «Nature» has published a table containing the findings of 16 studies on the dimensions of the male penis. The earliest study was actually published in 1899. The important thing is that almost all studies reached similar findings:
  • The average length of a flaccid penis ranges from 7 to 10 centimeters and the circumference ranges from 9 to 10 cm
  • The average erect penile length ranges from 12 to 16 cm whereas the mean erectile circumference is around 12 cm.

Studies have showcased a steadily growing anxiety and insecurity of men regarding the size of their penis, which often leads them in search of penis enlargement. Most of the time, the search was due to an overrated notion of the normal penile length.

At this point, it is important to note that in the aforementioned study which involved 67 males, all of them complained of having a very short penis. All were average but one!

It is very important that men who are concerned about their body to talk with a specialist who can trust in order to clarify whether and to what extent their concerns are sound.

So in conclusion the answer to what is the average penis size is:
  • Average erect penile length: About 14 cm, a bit more or a bit less depending on ethnicity
  • Average erect circumference: About 12

Hopefully this was your reaction after reading this article !

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