Saturday, 7 November 2015

How to Measure Your Penis Length and Girth Properly

As explained in our "what is the average penis size" article, about 50 % of men think they have a very small and below the average penis size. The fact that you are in this site, reading these lines indicates that you are one of them.

A very simple and quick way to clear any doubt on whether you are small, average or large is to just... measure your penis! Today I will show you how to measure your erect penile length and girth, which is one of the simplest and most accurate methods to measure your penis. Let's first begin with length:

Measuring Penile Length
First you need to get a ruler or a tailor measuring tape. Make sure your penis is fully erect; how you achieve that really doesn't matter. Once your penis is fully erect place the ruler next to your penis as shown in the image down below. Measure the length from the base of the penis to the tip.

Bush size and fat can have a massive effect on apparent size and hence the result you get. Therefore you should press the ruler firmly into the groin to measure your "real" size. This is why shaving your pubic hair and losing the beer-belly can visually increase the size of your penis by up to two inches.

If you have a bend penis it is better to use the measuring tape for more precise results.

TLDR (too long didn't read) version: Measure from the pelvic bone to the tip of the erect penis. If your penis is bend use a measuring tape. In both cases, press the measuring device against the fat.

Notice how the ruler is pressed against the fat

Measuring Penile Girth
The process is similar, but for the most precise results you are going to need a measuring tape. Get a full erection and use the measuring tape across the widest part of your penis, which is usually located in the midshaft. If you don't have a flexible measuring tape use a piece of string and wrap it around your penis. Mark the beginning and the end of the string with a pen and then measure it with a ruler.

Results Assessment
Now let's see what the results you got actually mean:
  • Less than 9 cm when erect means that you probably have a micropenis and visit a doctor
  • You are small, but within the normal range if you are anywhere from 9 to 12 cm
  • 12 to 16 cm, you are average
  • 16-20 cm, you are large and above average. You have every reason to be proud of your little fella
  • More than 20 cm? You are either very lucky or you don't belong to the human species!

As for girth, there is not much research. Studies indicate that the average girth is somewhere around 12 cm.

If you are not happy with your results and wish to have a larger penis then there are two medically proven methods to enlarge it, each with its own merits and downsides. Penis enlargement surgery and the use of a penis extender. Please see the corresponding articles for more information!

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